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Arise Firebird

Exploring the Experiences of Women and BIPOC Professionals

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About the Film

ARISE FIREBIRD is a powerful and unforgettable documentary that celebrates the resilience and empowerment of women and BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) professionals in the workplace. This inspiring film follows the incredible journeys of three women as they overcome inner obstacles and discover joy and strength in their professional lives.

Delving deep into the experiences of these individuals, ARISE FIREBIRD showcases the indomitable spirit of women and people of color, highlighting their triumphs and struggles in a world that has often marginalized them. The film serves as a testament to the power of resilience and the importance of fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace where every individual can thrive.

In ARISE FIREBIRD, the significance of vulnerability is underscored as the filmmakers provide a safe and supportive space for these remarkable individuals to share their experiences openly.

Through their stories, the film emphasizes the importance of vulnerability in the workplace, as it allows for genuine connection, understanding, and growth. By creating an environment where individuals can express their authentic selves and confront challenges, the documentary promotes empathy and compassion among colleagues and employers.

I would highly recommend [this] to any organisation who want to support, develop, and protect their female employees, Justin Placide Co-Chair, The Civil Service Race Forum
I do hope that this film helps more people both realize there is a better way and helps leaders learn what policies to set in their organization so that everyone was included and not driven out, Shelley O'Brien Chief Marketing Officer, Association for Women in Science

Who's this for?

For Professionals

ARISE FIREBIRD offers professional women and BIPOC professionals a sense of validation and inspiration. The film celebrates their resilience and unique strengths, empowering them to embrace their identities in the workplace. It becomes a rallying call, fostering a supportive and inclusive environment where these individuals feel valued and empowered in their careers.

For Allies & Leaders

Allies & Leaders can gain valuable insights into the challenges faced by their diverse workforce. The film provides a deeper understanding of workplace biases and inequities, prompting Allies & Leaders to take proactive steps in creating more inclusive environments. It becomes a powerful resource for promoting diversity and inclusion initiatives, empowering employees, and enhancing workplace culture.

Employee Resource Groups

ARISE FIREBIRD provides a platform for ERGs to facilitate open dialogues and discussions about workplace experiences. The film serves as a centerpiece for meaningful conversations around diversity, allyship, and support. It becomes a powerful resource for ERGs to advocate for targeted initiatives that support and uplift underrepresented employees.

HR and DEI professionals

ARISE FIREBIRD serves as a powerful tool to promote diversity and inclusion in the organization. By engaging employees through the film, HR and DEI professionals can develop targeted strategies that address workplace inequities and foster a more inclusive and equitable work environment.

Women's and BIPOC Associations

The film becomes a compelling event for women's and BIPOC professional associations to promote awareness, empowerment, and solidarity. It reinforces their mission to uplift and support their members, fostering a sense of camaraderie and advocacy for career advancement opportunities.

[Jimi] put the spotlight on an important issue that we were proud to provide a platform for, Adam Henderson, Association of Business Psychologists
[Arise Firebird ] is a call to others with lived experience not to lose hope, Kelli Tonner, Executive Director, South-East Ottawa Community Health Centre

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We would like to collaborate with you to bring ARISE FIREBIRD to workplace worldwide. We do

  • PBS National Broadcast Sponsorship: Reach a 2 to 3 million highly engaged audience passionate about the same causes and values as Arise Firebird and align yourself with an important message.
  • Virtual Toolkit: Access to the film for 3 to 12 months, allowing ample time for internal screenings, educational purposes, and community engagement initiatives.
  • Live Virtual Screening with Director Q&A: Enable your community to engage in a meaningful conversation about the film. The screening includes a live talk and Q&A session with Director Jimi Okubanjo.
  • DIY Virtual Community Screening: Organize and host your own screening and discussion event of Arise Firebird to facilitate further conversations within your community.
Seeing how others have been resilient and overcome these challenges is a great inspiration for me, Shavonne Reed, Founder and CEO, Opua Agency, Future Health Now Foundation
We all found it incredibly moving and [Arise Firebird's] stories powerful, Michelle Minnikin, Chartered Psychologist and Coach, Work Pirate

The Filmmaker

Director & Producer Jimi Okubanjo

Across her 20-year career working in leadership roles with Global Fortune 100 corporations, Jimi Okubanjo delivered transformations in 14 countries and four continents with over 200 leaders. Jimi produced the documentary ARISE FIREBIRD due to her deep multi-industry experience and her first-hand knowledge of what senior and experienced female leaders of color often face in the workplace.

Jimi's experience in the corporate world was one in which trauma was normalized and internalized. After a wide variety of traumatic experiences, which ranged from having my credentials minimized to being harassed and told that "they should have hired a white man to do your job" and placed in physically dangerous situations.