Bring Arise Firebird to Your Organization

Host Screening Workshop with Jimi Okubanjo

ARISE FIREBIRD's primary focus is partnering with organizations to enable them to engage in meaningful conversations, tackle complex transformations, and ultimately drive success.

We deliver transformational experiences that enable leaders and organizations to thrive in a rapidly changing world. Through creating safe spaces to engage in powerful conversations, our film, ARISE FIREBIRD, catalyzes these discussions, empowering organizations to navigate significant organizational changes and ensuring cultural transformations.

Through storytelling, we drive impactful change. Our workshops and keynotes equip organizations with tools and strategies for navigating complexity. We foster a culture of open dialogue to create safe, inclusive, and productive workplaces.

If you're interested in a virtual screening workshop, please fill out the form.

What are private screenings?

Private screenings are an opportunity to bring Arise Firebird to your group, whether it's a small community organization or a large company. We'll provide you with access to the film via our virtual platform and support you in using it in your organization. We'll also supply discussion guides and promotional kits for email and social media.

Can we host a screening abroad?

Our screenings are typically online because we want to provide equal support to women and allies around the globe.

Why should I host a virtual screening?

A screening workshop is an interactive way to spark conversation in your community about this important issue. Your organization and community will have the exclusive chance to see this film and any bonus features that come with it.

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