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ARISE FIREBIRD's primary focus is partnering with leadership teams to enable them to engage in meaningful conversations, tackle complex transformations, and ultimately drive success.

We deliver transformational experiences that enable leaders and organizations to thrive in a rapidly changing world. Through creating safe spaces for leaders to engage in powerful conversations, our flagship film, ARISE FIREBIRD, catalyzes these discussions, empowering leaders to navigate significant organizational changes and ensuring cultural transformations align with business goals.

Through storytelling, we drive impactful change. Our workshops and keynotes equip leaders with tools and strategies for navigating complexity. We foster a culture of open dialogue to create safe, inclusive, and productive workplaces.

How We Help


I do hope that this film helps more people both realize there is a better way and helps leaders learn what policies to set in their organization so that everyone was included and not driven out, Shelley O'Brien Chief Marketing Officer, Association for Women in Science

You cannot watch it and look away…or ignore… the impact. ... It is a call to action for employers and allies alike, Kelli Tonner, Executive Director, South-East Ottawa Community Health Centre

It was one of the most well attended in our series and she kept the audience glued to their seat for the duration, Caterina Rigoni, Head of Marketing, Scale Space

About the Filmmaker

Our team at Folajimi Worldwide is led by multi award winning Director and Producer Miss Jimi Okubanjo. Her debut personal documentary Arise Firebird has been featured in film festivals around the world, winning multiple awards.

Miss Okubanjo is also an experienced ex-corporate executive and operational excellence expert with over 20 years of experience in operations and management consulting. She has successfully led operational transformations across multiple industries and generating over $250 Million performance improvements. She's worked in energy, mining, infrastructure, and financial services.