Supporting the Mission of ARISE FIREBIRD

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What is the PBS National Broadcast?

We have an opportunity where Public TV wants to broadcast our film, but we need to find support for the broadcast. The good news is we can give sponsors recognition. A PBS national broadcast can offer your organization a significant platform to reach a broad audience of 2 to 3 million highly engaged audiences passionate about the same causes and values as ARISE FIREBIRD. This partnership opportunity also allows your organization to align itself with a reputable and highly respected brand in the industry. 

What are your private screening series?

Our private screening series is an opportunity to bring Arise Firebird to across your company. We'll provide you with access to the film via our virtual platform and support you in using it in your organization. We'll also supply discussion guides and promotional kits for email and social media as well as a preparation session.

Can we host a screening in America?

Our screenings are typically online because we want to provide equal support to women and allies in the US.

Why should I host a virtual screening?

A screening workshop is an interactive way to spark conversation in your community about this important issue. Your organization and community will have the exclusive chance to see this film and any bonus features that come with it.

We you help up plan our program?

Yes, after we sorted out the formalities, we will arrange a planning meeting to help you sort out your agendas, identify the right attendees and format.

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