Your Input Needed

Hello again,

As we gear up for the much-anticipated release of my documentary, ARISE FIREBIRD, I'm thrilled to invite you to an exclusive sneak peek fundraiser event! After three years of dedication to this project, we're finally adding the finishing touches, and I want to ensure it resonates with you.

ARISE FIREBIRD is a powerful documentary celebrating the resilience and empowerment of women and BIPOC professionals in the workplace. It follows the inspiring journeys of three individuals as they overcome inner obstacles, discover joy and strength in their careers, and highlight the triumphs and struggles of underrepresented groups in corporate environments.

Along with an exclusive sneak peek, there'll be director Q&A session and a complimentary workplace resilience workshop.

Before we finalize everything, I'd greatly appreciate your input/feedback in shaping the event. This will help me better address your most pressing questions.

I look forward to your input...