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7 Myths Trapping Professional Women in Toxic Workplaces 

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This Guide is for you if...

  • ∙You're a professional feeling trapped in your job, and you want to find that fulfilling career that sparks joy in you.
  • You've been working for years, sometimes decades in what should be a fulfilling role, but you only feel miserable and deeply unhappy with the work you do - and you feel guilty for feeling that way.
  • Your unhappiness with your work life has started to affect your personal life and relationships.
  • You know there must be a more fulfilling role for you and are willing to tackle the harsh realities that are holding you back from your breakthrough.

“It’s like being in an abusive relationship and not knowing,” B, Birmingham

In this Guide, you'll learn:

1. Why These Myths Aren't Readily Noticed

The toxic behaviours are right there. But they go unnoticed because of how you respond to the people around you. Learn what these 7 myths are, and you'll immediately start viewing your work environment in a new light.

2. How Your Beliefs Are Helping To Fuel Your Toxic Environment

This is not something negative about you. In fact, that's far from it. Your innate beliefs support your values - but they also blind you to the realities around you. This guide will remove that veil and show you the realities of your workplace and how it's holding you back.

3. The Proven Steps To Overcome These Challenges

Follow the practical steps in the guide and you'll start to overcome these myths. You will begin the process of advancing your professional career to a place where you can get more out of life - more time, more money, more purpose, more joy.

Thanks for speaking on behalf of thousands of women,” C, Houston, Texas

About Jimi

ARISE FIREBIRD is a timely and thought-provoking documentary that explores what happened to all the women who were supposed to be in board rooms and the c-suite and why they are choosing to exit.

Across her 20-year career working in leadership roles with Global Fortune 100 corporations, Jimi Okubanjo delivered transformations worth millions, leading international teams of up to 3,500 staff, serving as COO for a £400M+ division for a multinational. She's worked in 14 countries, 4 continents, with over 200 leaders, and delivering over $250Million in benefits

ARISE FIREBIRD was born out her deep multi-industry experience, as well as her first-hand knowledge of what female senior professionals and leaders of color often face in the workplace.

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... and receive the myth-buster guide, and let's demystify your toxic work environment so you can find your breakthrough and purpose!

This special guide is to help you identify the toxic culture you're immersed in, even if you don't feel there is one. You'll see how to find and cultivate environments that help you thrive as an individual and fulfil your purpose - your freedom.